Homeless in Georgia

 Mathew 25:40  ‘Inasmuch as ye have done it unto the least one of the least of these my bretheren, ye have done it unto me’. 

Crystal and sons Algernon and Amir

Three weeks ago we were asked to pick up the a mother and her two sons, from a motel and take them to Church where the eldest son, Algernon, was to be baptised after Church services.  When we arrived, Algernon was the only one who came out.  He said his mother was sick and would not be going.  We took Algernon to church and then returned to see what we could do for Crystal.  We found out that she was diabetic and needed some food and a power aid drink to take with her medicines; which we purchased and gave to her.  She told us to return in one hour and she would be able to go see her son Baptized.  It was a  beautiful baptism.  We then returned the family to the hotel.   We sensed something was amiss because the two boys went right to the door and were not able to get in.  The mother was walking to the office as we were driving away. Not feeling right, we stopped the car and waited for her to come out of the motel office.  It turned out that while we were at Church, the family had been evicted for not paying rent.  Management was apparently just waiting  for her to leave to lock her out.  They wouldn’t even let her back in to get her meager belongings.  This was a startling new experience for us.  We had no idea what to do.  It was extremely cold outside and our place was too small to take them in.   We returned to Church to see if they had any funds to help out.  The entry of the church was full of people waiting to see the Bishop.  Meantime, the missionaries, who had asked us to pick the Hill family up for church, were frantically trying to find them a place to stay.  Finally the Bishop did visit with Crystal and agreed to pay for one additional week at the motel.  We took them back to the motel, bought them dinner and some additional groceries, then returned home somewhat dazed.   During the week, Crystal with the help of the missionaries, found an old friend, Lajean, who took her and her two sons in.  We found out a little later that Crystal also has cancer and is undergoing chemo therapy.    

Crystal and Lajean with Families and Missionaries

God works in mysterious ways.  Since that  frightful day, Crystal has been baptized along with her friend’s daughter.  Next week Lajean and her son are scheduled to be baptised.  This photo was taken last week when Lajean’s daughter, Tishuna, (in center) was baptised.  The two young men on the ends are the Elders (Missionaries) who found these two choice families.  Elder Burtenshaw(on the left) and Elder Brady (on the right) are also hard-working Assistants to the President.  They have a great love for the people here.  All the Elders spend countless hours, early morning to late in the evening, doing the Lord’s work and always radiate with a smile on their faces.  Oh, to have that energy once again.  Our mission’s goal for this year, which the missionaries have prayed, sacrificed, and worked hard for is 1000 baptisms.   As of Dec 26, 2010 we are at 997 and we still have one week to go.


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We are currently serving a 1 1/2 year misson for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints
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One Response to Homeless in Georgia

  1. Pam Brady says:

    What a wonderful story! Our son, Elder Brady, told us about the story in your blog. It gives us a glimpse into the work and service that you all provide. I totally understand why he loves it there so much! Thank you!!!

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