The Real Saint Nicolas

    Matthew 23:11 – But he that is greatest among you shall be your servant

Through the annals of time we occasionally have the opportunity of meeting extraordinary people who leave a lasting impression on not only our lives, but also the lives of all those they come in contact with.   I had always wanted to meet the real Saint Nicolas (Santa Clause).  Some told me that he was only a myth, a childhood fantasy, but I knew better.  My wife and I traveled to the North Pole some time ago in hopes of finding him.  We found his Rain Deer, Post Office, and many shops bearing his name, but we never found the real Mr. Nicolas (that loving and jolly man who loves everyone and gives not only of himself, but gives of his substance and time).  Much to our surprise, we met this wonderful individual shortly after our arrival in Macon, Georgia.  Who would have ever thought that he was actually residing in Macon, Georgia under the name of Eddie Peacock?  He does have several aliases such us Mr. Peacock, Brother Peacock, President Peacock or just Eddie!  He also has a charming wife who is by his side and helps in all his many giving endeavors.  She is a great cook who is wonderful at catering when her husband calls and says twenty guests will arrive in an hour for dinner.   Her name is Toni.  The words loving service don’t even start to describe this beautiful couple who would do anything for anyone, day in and day out, with hardly a complaint and always with a joyful heart.  If the World was full of Eddie and Toni Peacocks, there would be no need for a Heaven because we would already be living there!  We are thankful for the opportunity to get to know this unique couple and learn that the red suit is just for the commercialization of Christmas.   The real Saint Nicolas is actually a back woods country boy from Georgia.


About dalehandsome

We are currently serving a 1 1/2 year misson for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints
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