Our Attempted Return to Normalcy

After sending out the Oct. Ensign, on the Book of Mormon, to 84 homes in Georgia, we went to Salt Lake where we were officially released from our Mission and had a home coming at our Bennion 6th ward.  Our Georgia Macon Mission President, two good senior couple friends, and several former missionaries also attended our home coming.  It was great getting reacquainted with old friends and family.  We celebrated Thanksgiving in Branson, MO with family, and then we returned to our home in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico.  When Dale stood up and walked off the plane, he had no pain and the 80 degree weather made our joy greater.  I gave the gentleman at the rental car a book of Mormon flyer and he looks forward to the missionaries bringing him a BofM.  Sunday the Spirit told me to challenge Manuel (Glamis’s husband) to be baptized and he accepted. (The Missionaries are teaching him. The rest of the family of five, are baptized.) We had them and a Single Mom and daughter (Susana & Monse) over to dinner shortly after our return.  We get over our 10,000 steps daily without even trying. Dale has lost 10 lbs and I have lost 7 lbs since our arrival.  Two thirds of one of the wards   went inactive when the Bishop committed adultery.  It was a big ward.  There is a lot of reactivation and visiting to be done.  We found termites in one of our head boards so we had our place fumigated and the head board gassed.

Sunday we went north to the Stake center in Ixtapa. Two families that we had been working with before our mission were inactive. We visited the one family and took the missionaries there to teach them. There are four that still need to be baptized.  The other family (Rosio and her three boys) moved and no one knows where.  They are in the Lord’s hands.  The missionaries are working with a lady who wants to be baptized in the ocean.  We told them if they get permission, they would be welcome to baptize her in front of our condo and use our condo for the Service.

Dale went to the Navy League meeting last Tuesday where they welcomed him back and honored him for his volunteer work.  We attended the Toys for Tots benefit dinner at the Marriott where they continually played the Toys for Tots video, which Dale produced two years ago, on two giant screens throughout the evening as a background to all the events.   This is the largest fund raiser for Toys for Tots in Puerto Vallarta.  This year they made enough money to purchase 8000 toys for the poor children in and around Puerto Vallarta.  If anyone would like to view this video go to: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dxE1SVNSASk. Everywhere we go people are coming up to us and welcoming us back.  We are blessed.

We are in Puerto Vallarta until December 28th at which time we will fly to Hawaii to tend three of our darling granddaughters while their parents do some extended Marine training for 6 weeks in San Diego.

We miss all our friends and family from the mission and the US. We are also enjoying our short time here. Have it Happy!!!

Dale and Marian.


About dalehandsome

We are currently serving a 1 1/2 year misson for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints
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One Response to Our Attempted Return to Normalcy

  1. monse says:

    ♥ i love to have you here in vallarta! i will miss you when you go 😦 love you!! !!♥

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