Our Failed Attempt at Normalcy

OK! It’s been almost three years since we wrote on this site.  So let me summarize and bring you all up to date:

1 – We finished our mission in October 2011 and Brother and Sister Peacock towed our 5th wheel back to Missouri.  Toni and Eddy (brother and sister Peacock)  are two of our favorite people.
2 – First of November 2011 we drove back to Puerto Vallarta.  It was great getting reacquainted with old friends and once again reuniting with our beautiful condo.
3 – Flew back Missouri the first part of March 2012 to see a specialist about getting my (Dale) knees replaced.
4 – Had one knee replaced the first of April and the second the middle of May.  Spent the rest of the summer in re-hab trying to get the new knees working and brushing up cussing!
5 – Flew back to Puerto Vallarta the first of November, 2012.
6 – Flew back to Missouri the first of April, 2013.  Visited all families. (Utah, Missouri, San Diego)
7 – Flew back to Puerto Vallarta the first of November, 2013.
8 – Drove back to Missouri the first of April.  Visited all families (Utah, Missouri, San Diego)
9 – Worked in the Kansas City LDS Temple for five months until October 1st when we started moving our 5th wheel to Florida to start a new adventure.

See!!  Three years wrapped up in just a few sentences.  Boy does time ever fly!  From now on there will be a little more detail.  Not a lot, but a little.



About dalehandsome

We are currently serving a 1 1/2 year misson for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints
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2 Responses to Our Failed Attempt at Normalcy

  1. Karl Y Linda Raggio says:

    We love it, Just living the life .. miss you guys you are great friends and awesome people

  2. Todd Hansen says:

    Dale & Marian,If you want to add more detail, you might share what the new adventure in Florida is all about? Chad was here last week and we all got together several times.  We went to Arches National Park with his family and hiked all around until Delyse was just about done in.  Sheldon and Gail came over for a picnic and had a nice long visit with Chad and all of us.  It was quite wonderful to get to visit with them again. Home life continues happily for you.  Hope your knees are both healed and strong now.  Life is good here. Todd

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