Finally! Our arrival in Florida

We got up early the next morning and headed for the final leg of our trip into Kissimmee, Florida. Fortunately, the six hour drive was uneventful and we arrived in plenty of time to set things up, have lunch and spend the evening with Jeff and Mary Ellen in Disney Town.  The next two days were also spent with Jeff and Mary Ellen touring Universal Studios and their new Harry Potter adventure.  Jeff and Mary Ellen flew back to Missouri on Wednesday and we now find ourselves alone and childless in Florida.  The weather has been spectacular and we are excited about our site at Tropical Palms Resort.  We choose out this site several months ago and paid a deposit for them to hold it. It is very private, shady and borders on the Disney Natural Reserve which is right out our back.  The resort is well maintained and has many really nice amenities including a beautiful swimming pool.  Below is a picture of our site.  I will send additional pictures of the resort in a future post.  The red truck is our sons that we borrowed to tow our unit down here.  The white car is our new 2014-5 Toyota Camry.  We had no intention of purchasing a new car, however, Toyota totally redesigned their 2015 model and we got a fantastic deal from a dealer that was over stocked on 2014-5.

Our site at Tropical Palms Resort in Kissimmee, Fl

We are extremely excited to start our new adventure.  If you want to see additional photographs of our Condo on Wheels, just go to this link.


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We are currently serving a 1 1/2 year misson for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints
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