Our Disney Experience

OK, it’s been a while since we wrote.  Time to bring everyone up to date.  We started to work for Disney on November 18th.  What a rush!!  Our first week was at Disney University and the last two weeks were on the job training at Restaurantosaurus in Animal kingdom.  The training at Disney University was amazing.  We actually stayed awake the entire time.  We learned so many things about Disney Operations and how to become a perfect Disney representatives.  Our two weeks of training at Restaurantosaurus was intense to say the least.  The restaurant is a large, sit down, fast food restaurant with six cash registers.  During the busy periods, each register rings up over 80 orders per hour.   In our two weeks (6 full days) of training we have done everything at the restaurant; from cooking and preparing hamburgers – hot dogs topped with mac and cheese – chicken breasts – deep frying fries, chicken nuggets, and corn dog nuggets to making lots of salads.  We were put on the assembly line that puts all the orders together.  Then to the delivery line to hand out the orders; not to mention being a cashier and ringing up the orders.  Last but not least, we were assigned to clean tables, interact with the guests, and keep everything stocked.  Then after all that, we were part of the closing staff for those six days; which meant we dismantled and cleaned all broilers, fryers, clam cookers, coolers, refrigerator, and a zillion other items.  We also had to scrub down everything with soap and then disinfectant everything.  We took out tons of garbage, and did dishes.  You name it we did it.  There was a blessing.  We did not have to scrub all the floors because a special crew came in each night to scrub and disinfecte all the floors.  I do not think I have ever learned more new tasks in such a short period of time and none of these were even on my bucket list!  We were told by others, that after these training marathons, work until you drop, things get easier.  Come next week we shall see.  Being a Disney employee has been lots of fun.  Many places we go, we just show our Disney I.D. and we get a discount.  Disney also offers cast members (employees) a discount off many items.  As employees, we personally get free parking at all Disney properties, and admission to all Disney Parks everywhere.  It is fun to just go to one of the parks and walk around watching people.  When we come across a ride that is not busy, we just hop on.  Being a Disney Cast Member has been very rewarding and educational.

On November 19th (one day after we started working) Lorinda visited with her two children, Brayden and Ashlynn.   They stayed for a little over two weeks and most of that time was with us in the 5th wheel.  What a great time we had with her and the Children! The day before she left, Jeff, Mary Ellen, Jazmine, Kaleb and Landon also came for a visit.  We were able to get both families into Disney a few times.  Jeff and his family only stayed for three days.  Disney, as an employer, cannot be beat.

Today is actually our first real day off without children or church for the last three weeks, and we are really enjoying getting caught up on stuff!  We are pretty sure that our family members visited us because they missed us and not for the Disney perks.  Doesn’t matter though because the important thing is they did visit us, which is why we came to Florida.  The plan is working.  Two families down and two to go.  Still a higher average than we were getting in Mexico.   A few days ago we received our Christmas present from Disney.  It was a coupon books with lots of additional perks.  Disney as a company reminds us of the true Christmas spirit.  They just keep on giving?

Do we miss Mexico?  Heck yes!!  We have lots of friends there and the weather is a little warmer and the scenery spectacular.   Florida, however, has been a nice change.  Once again, we got out of our comfort zone!


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We are currently serving a 1 1/2 year misson for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints
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One Response to Our Disney Experience

  1. WAYNE HAYMOND says:

    Great stuff!!! Thanks for sharing. Your story brings memories of when Kelsie worked at Disney World. We went down there, stayed in a nice condo just a few minutes from the parks and had a great time with Kelsie. By the way, speaking of Kelsie, she and Danny just told us a week ago that they are expecting their first child. HOORAY!

    Wayne & Colleen

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