Our Condo on Wheels

On May 10, 2010, after two years of looking, we took delivery of our new home.  A DRV 38 foot Mobile Suites 5th wheel with three slides.  We are living in it full-time while on our mission, however, at the end of our mission it will become our part time residence during the periods that we are not in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico.  Our eldest son Jeff and his wife Mary Ellen have been kind enough to let us park it at their home in Kansas City.  During the early Summer months, we will use it as our home base to commute to other states to visit family.  Hopefully in the fall, we will be able to hook it up and go touring this great country for two to three months before returning to Puerto Vallarta.  Living in it on our mission has been a test  to see if it will work as our second home.  We love it!!  It is a little over 400 sq feet of comfort, joy and organization.  Living in a 5th wheels teaches one what is important and what is not.   Can’t wait to get on the road and do some traveling.

Our Condo on Wheels in Macon Georgia

Living Room Looking towards the Kitchen

Living Room with 46″ Samsung HD 3D TV

Fire Place decked out for Christmas

The fireplace is generally under the TV.  We wanted filing cabinets in that location so we installed the fireplace in the corner of the kitchen island.  It works out great and the top of the kitchen counter works wonderful as a mantle.   The fireplace is also closer to our recliners so in the winter, when we use the heat feature, we are much more comfortable.

Parked at Sherwood Forest in Kissimmee, Florida

MobileSuites_010 MobileSuites_013 MobileSuites_011 MobileSuites_005 MobileSuites_001


2 Responses to Our Condo on Wheels

  1. Del and Mary says:

    OK you guys! You didn’t tell us you bought a mobile mansion. We thought it was supposed to be a little 5th wheel. It’s outraeously awesome. We were feeling sorry for you having to rough it, but we take it all back!

    Very very nice unit. We pray that you continue to enjoy it. Thanks for the blog and we wish you a blessed Christmas (Feliz Navidad y Prospero 2011).

    All is well in PV and we miss your presence. God bless,
    Mary and Del

  2. Monse says:

    that very cool!!! ♥i want to go there!! ♥love you ♥

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