Jerry, Janalyn, Jarom, Calle, Madelyn, Jaydale, Cougar

Jest a little side note:  Cougar is an Indian name and I believe he was named, by his father, out of his love and respect for the Unitversity of Utah UTES!!  We welcome our newest member of the family.  

Family 2010 - Before Cougar

Left to Right Madelyn, Jarom, Calle, Jaydale, Cougar 2010

Left to Right Jarom, Madelyn, Jaydale, Calle, Cougar


8 Responses to Jeremy

  1. jerry Hansen says:

    These are the best looking kids in all the Hansen family

  2. James Allen Logue says:

    The photos of your children are fantastic! You all look so good, are you shore you are Dales children?

  3. Todd Hansen says:

    So what is the real story of Cougar? I bet Jerry knew what the basketball season was going to be like and he wanted to be rooting for the right team. Dale, you are probably lucky they didn’t name him Jimmer!

  4. calle hansen says:

    i cant believe how much we have all grown

  5. jarom hansen says:

    i now im so pretty

  6. calle hansen says:

    those r great pictures

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