Our Florida/Disney World Experience

Our main purpose for renting our condo In Puerto Vallarta, coming to Florida, and getting a job at Walt Disney World was to see if our four children and fourteen grandchildren would start visiting us again.  Puerto Vallarta, Mexico was too far and too expensive they said, after only a few visits in 15 years.  Well, the plan worked in spades.  Our oldest son, Jeff, with his family have been down twice.  Jeff also came down on my 70th birthday to go to the country’s largest RV show with me in Tampa. This has been on my bucket list for many years.  He came again to go on the Animal Kingdom Wild Africa Trek with me.  This is a three hour private tour of the wild animals in the Park.  Jerry, with his family came down and visited for ten days.  Lorinda, with her family also came down twice.  Rodney and Nichole, our Marines, were not able to get off work at the same time so we went to San Diego and took their family to Disneyland and California Adventure.  Lorinda also met us down there and we were able to get everyone into the parks.
Working at the quick service Restaurantosaurus in Animal Kingdom has been quite an experience.  At the age of 70, I have added many new talents to my reassume.  Dish washer, greeter, busser, French-fry cooker, garbage runner, crowd control, meal server, meal prepper, and many more not quite as impressive jobs.   The experience has been really good for Marian and I as we work the same days at the same location and most of the time the same hours.  Many couples we know work at different parks and have different schedules.  We work part time on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.  We were truly blessed to be given this opportunity.  Working at Restaurantosaurus is not easy.  We are constantly busy as this is the only restaurant in Animal Kingdom that can handle large groups at this time.  During busy times we serve over 400 meals an hour.   Our fellow cast members are generally much younger than us.  There are; however, a few seasoned folks just like us.  Many of the cast members are on the Disney College Program.  They come from all parts of the World and work anywhere from two to six months.  The pay is not great but the perks are fantastic!
For the most part the managers are good.  We have one coordinator, Solangee, who is one of the hardest working and sweetest persons I have ever met.  I call her Sarge because like most Sergeants, she does most of the work and others get most of the glory.   She is the Energizer Bunny of Restaurantosaurus.  It does not matter what happens, she is always busy putting out fires and always has a good attitude.  I have never heard a negative word from her.  At one point in our life, we had five photography Studios and many good employees.  If she had worked for me, she would have been managing one of, or all those studios and Marian and I would have taken a lot more time off.
Except for Marian’s accident, we have enjoyed our stay in Florida this year.  We have; however, missed our beautiful home and friends in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico.  Florida VS Puerto Vallarta, Mexico.  Puerto Vallarta wins hands down.
For those who have not seen pictures of our condo in Puerto Vallarta and would like to do so, please go to: http://images.apvallarta.com/Memorie/Our-Homes/Condo/

IMG_9631 florida15-108 20150501172818 20150227_122106


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