Our Failed Attempt at Normalcy

OK! It’s been almost three years since we wrote on this site.  So let me summarize and bring you all up to date:

1 – We finished our mission in October 2011 and Brother and Sister Peacock towed our 5th wheel back to Missouri.  Toni and Eddy (brother and sister Peacock)  are two of our favorite people.
2 – First of November 2011 we drove back to Puerto Vallarta.  It was great getting reacquainted with old friends and once again reuniting with our beautiful condo.
3 – Flew back Missouri the first part of March 2012 to see a specialist about getting my (Dale) knees replaced.
4 – Had one knee replaced the first of April and the second the middle of May.  Spent the rest of the summer in re-hab trying to get the new knees working and brushing up cussing!
5 – Flew back to Puerto Vallarta the first of November, 2012.
6 – Flew back to Missouri the first of April, 2013.  Visited all families. (Utah, Missouri, San Diego)
7 – Flew back to Puerto Vallarta the first of November, 2013.
8 – Drove back to Missouri the first of April.  Visited all families (Utah, Missouri, San Diego)
9 – Worked in the Kansas City LDS Temple for five months until October 1st when we started moving our 5th wheel to Florida to start a new adventure.

See!!  Three years wrapped up in just a few sentences.  Boy does time ever fly!  From now on there will be a little more detail.  Not a lot, but a little.


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Our Attempted Return to Normalcy

After sending out the Oct. Ensign, on the Book of Mormon, to 84 homes in Georgia, we went to Salt Lake where we were officially released from our Mission and had a home coming at our Bennion 6th ward.  Our Georgia Macon Mission President, two good senior couple friends, and several former missionaries also attended our home coming.  It was great getting reacquainted with old friends and family.  We celebrated Thanksgiving in Branson, MO with family, and then we returned to our home in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico.  When Dale stood up and walked off the plane, he had no pain and the 80 degree weather made our joy greater.  I gave the gentleman at the rental car a book of Mormon flyer and he looks forward to the missionaries bringing him a BofM.  Sunday the Spirit told me to challenge Manuel (Glamis’s husband) to be baptized and he accepted. (The Missionaries are teaching him. The rest of the family of five, are baptized.) We had them and a Single Mom and daughter (Susana & Monse) over to dinner shortly after our return.  We get over our 10,000 steps daily without even trying. Dale has lost 10 lbs and I have lost 7 lbs since our arrival.  Two thirds of one of the wards   went inactive when the Bishop committed adultery.  It was a big ward.  There is a lot of reactivation and visiting to be done.  We found termites in one of our head boards so we had our place fumigated and the head board gassed.

Sunday we went north to the Stake center in Ixtapa. Two families that we had been working with before our mission were inactive. We visited the one family and took the missionaries there to teach them. There are four that still need to be baptized.  The other family (Rosio and her three boys) moved and no one knows where.  They are in the Lord’s hands.  The missionaries are working with a lady who wants to be baptized in the ocean.  We told them if they get permission, they would be welcome to baptize her in front of our condo and use our condo for the Service.

Dale went to the Navy League meeting last Tuesday where they welcomed him back and honored him for his volunteer work.  We attended the Toys for Tots benefit dinner at the Marriott where they continually played the Toys for Tots video, which Dale produced two years ago, on two giant screens throughout the evening as a background to all the events.   This is the largest fund raiser for Toys for Tots in Puerto Vallarta.  This year they made enough money to purchase 8000 toys for the poor children in and around Puerto Vallarta.  If anyone would like to view this video go to: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dxE1SVNSASk. Everywhere we go people are coming up to us and welcoming us back.  We are blessed.

We are in Puerto Vallarta until December 28th at which time we will fly to Hawaii to tend three of our darling granddaughters while their parents do some extended Marine training for 6 weeks in San Diego.

We miss all our friends and family from the mission and the US. We are also enjoying our short time here. Have it Happy!!!

Dale and Marian.

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Mosiah 2:12 – I say unto you that as I have been suffered to spend my days in your service, even up to this time, and have not sought gold nor silver nor any manner of riches of you.

Hi Everyone,

We have completed our mission and our 5th wheel is back at its Smithville, Missouri home.  After our release on October 10th we took four days and visited Charleston, South Carolina.   What a beautiful city and so full of history.  A good friend, Eddie and Toni
Peacock, whom we met while on our mission, towed our 5th wheel from Augusta, Georgia to Smithville, Missouri which is a distance of about 900 miles.  Everything went very
smoothly.  They wouldn’t even let us pay for the gas!!  We had already arranged
for our son to come out and tow our unit back when the Peacocks unexpectedly called
us from Macon, Georgia and said they were in the mood for a road trip and wanted to tow us back to Missouri.  We featured this giving couple about a month ago under the heading “The Real Saint Nicolas”.  As you can see, we were not exaggerating.

We spent a little over one week in Missouri getting reacquainted with our family and grandchildren there.  We are now in Salt Lake for a few weeks getting reacquainted with family here.  In December we will return to our condo in Puerto Vallarta for one month
and then it is off to Hawaii where we will spend January and February tending three beautiful granddaughters while our son and his wife go to San Diego to do some additional training in the Marine Corps.

We loved our mission and it was a very rewarding experience.  We met many wonderful people and learned so much about the history and culture of the South.   It is really good, however, being back with family.  Hopefully we will now have a little more time to keep this blog up to date.

We those who would like to hear about our mission experiences, we will be speaking in the Bennion 6th ward on November 13th.   Service starts at 11:00am.  The address is:

Bennion 6th Ward                                                                                                                               5775 South 2700 West                                                                                                           Taylorsville, Utah 84118

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Evidences for the Book of Mormon

      2 Corinthians 13:1 – “In the mouth of two or three witnesses shall every word be established”                      

 What is the Book of Mormon, and how does it compare to the Bible?  

“The Book of Mormon is a book of scripture similar to the Bible.  It is another testament of Jesus Christ.  The Bible principally discusses the lives and teaching of ancient Israel.  The Book of Mormon contains the writings of several groups who came to the Americas, including a family who left Jerusalem in 600 B.C.  These people were also descendants of the house of Israel.  Thus the Bible and Book of Mormon were written by people of the same heritage but in different parts of the world.

Like the Bible, the Book of Mormon is more than a historical account.  It contains “the fulness of the gospel of Jesus Christ: the teachings, doctrines, and prophecies that testify of God the Father and His Son, Jesus Christ.”

                  Evidences for the Book of Mormon 

Joseph Smith’s lack of education and experience – With two years of formal education and growing up on the American frontier, Joseph Smith did not have the sophistication to write such a book.

Translation process – Joseph never asked what he wrote last, never went back to revise, and verified the spelling of many names to his scribes.  He would read a sentence and
have the scribe read it back to him.  When it was correct, Joseph would see the next sentence.

Translation speed and complexity – The entire Book of Mormon was written in 75 days with no revisions.

Unmodified testimony – Joseph never denied his assertion that the Book of Mormon was translated from the Gold Plates.

Witnesses – Three witnesses were shown the plates by an angel.  Although all three later left the church, none of them ever denied the experience.  Eight other men were allowed to hold the plates and see the writing thereon, who also never denied the experience.

Demographics and population – As the Book of Mormon progresses, the population growth is within expected ranges.

Geography – Over 70 different locations are named.  Directions and distances are consistent throughout.

Understanding of Arabia – Locations for the valley of Lemuel, Nahum, and Bountiful have been found that match the distance and directions given in the Book of Mormon.  In Joseph Smiths’s day, no one thought a place like Bountiful could exist in Arabia.

Ancient non-Biblical Hebrew poetic style – Found throughout the Book of Mormon and is beyond Joseph’s ability to just make up.

Ancient Book of Enoch quoted – the book of Enoch was discovered in 1888 and is quoted in the Book of Mormon, which came forth in 1830.

Weights and Measures – The weights and measures described in Alma 11;3-19 were not used in Josephs time, or today.  They are in used by Mayan descendants in Guatemala.

Book of Mormon names – Shakespeare came up with 60 new names.  The Book of  Mormon brought forth 183 completely new names.  All 183 are Semitic, which is the language family that includes Hebrew and Egyptian.  There are over 20 exact or near-exact names, not found in the Bible, that have been confirmed to be names in Lehi’s day.

Thieves and Robbers – In ancient Israel, thieves were people in the community who stole from their neighbors.  Robbers lived in the wilderness and often banded together to rob and pillage.  Their punishment and view by society was very different.  The New
Testament translators used thieves for both words.  The Book of Mormon keeps the distinction.

Ancient non-biblical Hebrew idioms – Idioms are the way of speaking or putting words together peculiar to a language.  Some Book of Mormon Examples of Hebrew idioms are: “turned himself around, ““fallen into the hands of, “‘turned aside their
ears, “and “curious workmanship.”

Septuagint quotes – The Book of Mormon agrees with the ancient Greek version of the bible in phrases that were lost in the Hebrew and King James Bible.  Joseph Smith did not know Greek and did not have a copy of the Septuagint in 1829-1830.

Chiasmus, parallelism, and literary structures – Chiasmus was discovered in the late 1800’s.  Chiasmus is a unique Hebrew literary form that repeats main concepts from the middle out.  Ideas are presented in the order 4, 3,2,1,1,2,3,4.  Over 300 chiasmi have been found to date in the Book of Mormon.

Temple building – Non-Jerusalem temple building by ancient Hebrews was thought proof of Joseph Smiths’s fraudulence, but Hebrew temples have since been discovered in Egypt also.

Hieroglyphs – the beginning of Mayan hieroglyphic writing has been traced to Mexico’s Zapotec valley in about the year 600 B.C. which was when the Nephites arrived in the Americas.

Colophon – A colophon is a Semitic literary style often used for introductions.  The author states his name, his qualifications, and credentials.  The introduction of the Book of Mormon, the entire book of Omni, and Mosiah 9:1-3 are great examples of colophons.

Gold plates – Writing on gold plates was believed a fanciful story in Joseph Smith’s day.  Ancient religious writing on gold plates has since been found.

Elephants, horses, and barley – In Joseph Smiths’s day, no one believed elephants, horses, or barley existed in the Americas before the coming of the Europeans.  All have since been proven to exist during the Book of Mormon time in the Americas.

Jesus born in the land of Jerusalem – Originally thought to be a blatant error on Joseph Smiths’s part.  Jesus was born in Bethlehem.  The recently discovered Amarna letters verify that Bethlehem was considered part of the “land of Jerusalem” in Lehi’s day.

Lunar Calendar – In the Book of Mormon, time is measured in Moons, which is an indication of the use of a lunar calendar, not Americas’ 12 month solar calendar.

Semitic grammar – Semitic grammar is found throughout the Book of Mormon.  “sword of Laban” (not Laban’s Sword), “our women” (there is no Hebrew word for wife or husband), “rod of iron” (not iron rod), “by the hand of” (written by), etc.

Word print analysis – Shows, multiple authors of the Book of Mormon, Joseph Smith, Sidney Rigdon, and Soloman Spalding are not among the potential authors.

Modern style analysis – Every author uses one of sixty-five identifiable patters, involving words like “and,””the,””of,” and “that,”.  Statistical analysis gives 1000 to 1 odds against the “one author theory.”

41 Dead Sea Scrolls/Book of Mormon parallels – The Dead Sea scrolls were discovered in the last 60 years and show 41 parallels to Lehi’s group separating themselves from the Hebrews in Israel.

Spiritual witness of truthfulness – Millions of people, including myself, have read the Book of Mormon and received a personal witness of its truthfulness.

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The Real Saint Nicolas

    Matthew 23:11 – But he that is greatest among you shall be your servant

Through the annals of time we occasionally have the opportunity of meeting extraordinary people who leave a lasting impression on not only our lives, but also the lives of all those they come in contact with.   I had always wanted to meet the real Saint Nicolas (Santa Clause).  Some told me that he was only a myth, a childhood fantasy, but I knew better.  My wife and I traveled to the North Pole some time ago in hopes of finding him.  We found his Rain Deer, Post Office, and many shops bearing his name, but we never found the real Mr. Nicolas (that loving and jolly man who loves everyone and gives not only of himself, but gives of his substance and time).  Much to our surprise, we met this wonderful individual shortly after our arrival in Macon, Georgia.  Who would have ever thought that he was actually residing in Macon, Georgia under the name of Eddie Peacock?  He does have several aliases such us Mr. Peacock, Brother Peacock, President Peacock or just Eddie!  He also has a charming wife who is by his side and helps in all his many giving endeavors.  She is a great cook who is wonderful at catering when her husband calls and says twenty guests will arrive in an hour for dinner.   Her name is Toni.  The words loving service don’t even start to describe this beautiful couple who would do anything for anyone, day in and day out, with hardly a complaint and always with a joyful heart.  If the World was full of Eddie and Toni Peacocks, there would be no need for a Heaven because we would already be living there!  We are thankful for the opportunity to get to know this unique couple and learn that the red suit is just for the commercialization of Christmas.   The real Saint Nicolas is actually a back woods country boy from Georgia.

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Update through August 24th

Proverbs 28:27 – “He that giveth unto the poor shall not lack”.

Dear Friends and Family,

The surgery for another cancer spot on Elder Hansen went well. It was a big chunk of flesh they removed from his cheek. The surprising thing was he has not had any pain (first time with no pain when a chunk was cut out). It has not slowed us down. We appreciate your prayers. I made a real good contact in the waiting room (I gave her the paper “The Graduation Called Death” that I wrote and a pass-a-long card for a Book of Mormon.) It turned out that she has relatives who are Mormons.

We found some choice people for Elder Sinard and Elder Hadley to teach when we went to a teaching appointment with them. After that it didn’t take them long to get into the scenario of approaching other neighbors who were sitting on porches. It was exciting. We will miss them. They were transferred to another area.

There were many letters that we sent off this week to inactive members in Macon because we still feel a connection; plus there were many inactive members that we visited here in Augusta. We also found five more referrals for the missionaries to teach and baptize.

Every Wednesday and Sunday all the couches and chairs in the entry way of the church, are full of people who want a check from the church. We are seeing many of the same faces, others are not baptized. On Sunday they do not go to class. When they get their check they leave. I try to bring them to class but they do not budge. The Bishop will ask them to go to class (Someone goes to class to get them when their turn is up to be seen by the Bishop). They go to class for a couple of minutes (or less) then they return to the couches. I feel these people need to be taught. They need the missionary lessons. District meeting on Tue. Was about what to say when an investigator says they want our Church welfare.

Along with our visiting record, Elder Hansen has started a list with addresses and phone numbers (when they have a phone) of the inactive people that need a ride to church. We submitted it at correlation and will add to it each week as needed. Sunday the Elders Quorum president submitted new home teaching routes to encourage Home teachers to transport their families that need rides to church. Hope it works. It is a burden for the Elders to find rides for investigators and new members each week.

Have it Happy!! Love You Bunches!!! Elder and Sister Hansen

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We’re Back

Acts 18:8 – ‘And many of the Corinthians hearing believed, and were baptized’.

Sorry!! It’s been a long time since we posted anything! The last few months have been crazy as we were responsible for the closing of the Georgia Macon Mission office by June 30th and the transferring of all the missionary and financial information to the four missions that were absorbing our mission. We stayed in the Macon office until June 13th finalizing everything and then we moved our 5th wheel to Augusta Georgia where we will be finishing our mission. One of the ward members, brother Peacock and his wife and father moved our unit for us at no charge and even paid for lunch which was supposed to be on us. The Augusta Zone is now in the South Carolina Columbia mission. Our new mission president is President Holm. He and his wife just started their three-year mission July 1st. Shortly after our arrival in Augusta, the president and his wife hosted a party for all the senior couples at the mission home in Columbia, South Carolina. We had a wonderful time and it was great meeting the other senior couples in our mission. Our new assignment is to assist the Elders and Sisters in their proselyting and to help in reactivating. During the last several months in Macon, Georgia, along with our office responsibilities, we were able to visit 135 households of less active members. We met many wonderful people and hopefully we made a difference in some of their lives. President Bowman challenged the missionaries to Baptize 100 souls in June, the last month of the Georgia, Macon Mission. They baptized 114 which was quite an accomplishment.

Right now the weather is hot and humid. Yesterday, August 4th was a high of 104 degrees. It is hard on us old people because many of the homes we visit are poor and have little or no air conditioning. When we step into their homes we feel like a Thanksgiving Turkey being cooked for dinner! We have some interesting stories and pictures to put on this site in the near future. Some, however, will date back to our Georgia, Macon days as we are just finding a little time to catch up.

Love you all,
Elder and Sister Hansen

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