Disney Wild Africa Trek

Wild Africa Trek 027A large section of Disney Worlds Animal Kingdom is devoted to Wild Animal’s. The major ride attraction in the park is the Kilimanjaro Safari Ride which takes you through a well done African preserve by Jeep. It is about a 20 minute ride that dose give one a look at many wild Animals as they would be in Africa. They also have what is called the ‘Wild Africa Trek’ which is a three hour private tour taking you at a slower pace and by foot much of the time. Lots of really good experiences such as crossing an old rickety bridge. They even fed us a typical African meal while we were in the middle of the preserve surrounded my animals. There is an additional cost for this, however, being a Disney cast member we did get a 50% discount. Our son Jeff came down a few weeks ago and did the trek with me. We had a really good time and would definitely recommend it. Marian had always wanted to do the trek but because of her accident she was not able to do so. The following pictures are just a few that I took on the trek.Wild Africa Treck
Wild Africa Treck
Wild Africa Treck Wild Africa Treck Wild Africa TreckWild Africa Treck
Wild Africa Treck


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One Response to Disney Wild Africa Trek

  1. Todd says:

    Dale, what great pictures. I especially loved the selfie of you taking a nap in your cave.

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