On our way to Florida

On October 1st we loaded up our 5th wheel, in the rain, and headed from our home in Smithville, Missouri to Kissimmee, Florida, about 1,250 miles away.  Our oldest son, Jeff, and his wife, Mary Ellen, helped us tow our Mobile Suites to Florida.  I would like to say that the move was uneventful, but then this would be a short story and I would be lying.  I was always taught that lying was not a good thing.  I have little experience in towing and thus we were blessed to have Jeff and Mary Ellen with us.  Jeff and I started out driving the truck with the Mobile Suites and Marian and Mary Ellen followed in the new Camry that we purchased a few months back.  I was the one who started out driving as I needed the experience of white knuckle driving.  Our Mobile Suites is 38 feet long and weighs 20,000 pounds.  It is beautiful to live in but scary to tow!  We were not on the road long when I became suspicious that all lights were not functioning properly on the trailer and upon further inspection we discovered that they were not.  We tried several things to try and find the problem but to no avail.  Finally, a few hundred miles from home,  we stopped at a Dodge dealership to check on the wring in the truck.  Turns out that several fuses were blown.  Apparently we shorted things out when we hooked up the trailer to the truck in the rain.  By this time we were several hours behind schedule.  We drove until 10:00 pm and only stopped for dinner to celebrate the birthday of our son Jeff.  We had all you can eat crab legs and boy were they ever good.  Our goal for the first day was to get to the other side of Nashville so we would have a shorter day travel to our second destination of Macon, Georgia which is where we served our mission.  We had arranged to spend the night with our good friends Eddy and Tony Peacock.  Unfortunately, even driving until late at night, we had to stop short of Nashville. At about the same time we discovered the light problems we also suspected that our trailer brakes were not functioning properly.  We decided to wait until we arrived in Macon to get them fixed so we would be in familiar territory with friends in case we had to spend time there.  As it turned out, that probably was not the wisest decision.  No one, however, has ever accused me of being overly smart! That is enough for today.  Tomorrow we will tell about the final stretch of our trip to Florida.


About dalehandsome

We are currently serving a 1 1/2 year misson for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints
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